Happy Birthday To The Only Person Who Knows How I Feel, Morrissey!


Steven Patrick Morrissey has been described as truculent, devious, nationalistic and intolerant. I’m sorry, but this sounds like a wonderful thing.

Moz’s detractors often ask, ‘How can you listen to that guy? He’s sucha douche, ad nauseum, etc.”

First off, I love it. I like my rock stars to be bigger versions of myself. I wanna listen to the world’s biggest misanthrope. Tolerance is overrated.  Besides, who takes a stand anymore? I like a person with convictions. Hey, Morrissey doesn’t need Jimmy fuckin’ Kimmel and his  duck hunting reality star retards on with him.

Second, who cares? We aren’t hanging out. What do I care what he does in real life. I bet we’d be the best of friends though. We’d prolly do each other’s hair n’ stuff, but that’s besides the point. I truly love him.

For whatever miserable reason, I really connect to Moz’s lyrics and music. It’s funny, the older I get the more I can relate. Well, I guess it’s not that funny. I only thought I knew despair as a teen. Ha!

The thing is, I like people better if they are or were Smiths fans and I like being one.

Happy birthday, ya old crank! There is a place in hell for us.


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