Lattaland’s Best Of 2012: Forces Of Geek

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Best Movies: Killing Them Softly: What a crying shame this movie went over with a thud. From the jarring opening sequence to the hilarious last line. This movie was like heroin to me; totally awesome.  Marley: Look, I’m not really a Bob Marley fan, but one cannot deny he lived quite an interesting life. Just think of how good he woulda been if it weren’t for the Jah bullshit.
Best TV Shows: Boardwalk Empire: Proof that TV is better than movies.  Comedy Bang Bang: Proof that TV is better than podcasts.
Best Books (non-fiction): The Dark Side Of Disney by Leonard Kinsey. Kinsey gives us all of the tips, tricks, scams, and stories that’d have Walt rolling in his cryogenic grave. I love a good scam, especially at a beloved theme park. Life After Deathby Damien Echols SPOILER ALERT  Damien talks about how he killed those kids and got away with it too, dude. Just kidding.

Best Songs: The Clouds Are Lies (The Brian Jonestown Massacre) I dunno about anything else. I hate rap.
Best Albums: The Smiths box set reissues. Duh! As if I ever listen to anything but The Smiths.
Best Comic Books / Graphic NovelsCrime World by David King, Big Deal Comics & Stories #11 by Patrick Dean, Battle Zoo by Brad McGinty and Uncle Scrooge: Only A Poor Old Man.  Carl Barks makes me almost believe in God. Almost. He’s the perfect cartoonist in every way. I mourn for him daily.
Best Blu-ray/DVD Release: The Avengers. The closest a super hero movie ever came to being perfect. You got Thor and Hulk punching each other through walls n’ junk, flying aircraft carriers and jokes that actually hit for once. My one complaint? Man, those aliens sure looked generic, especially on Blu-ray.
Thing that you were most excited about in 2012? Doing a poster for the last great rock band, White Denim, The release ofRashy Rabbit Vol. 1.  My enemies being one year closer to death.
Thing that disappointed you most in 2012? My ever-growing debt. The sales of Rashy Rabbit Vol. 1. The fact I’m still engaged to be engaged. I gotta get a ring on that girl’s finger before she wises up.
Thing that you’re most looking forward to in 2013? Funny you should ask, the next Rashy Rabbit adventure. It’s my best one yet, natch.








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