4 replies on “New vector logo”

  1. Heh, no one ever talks about how to “ink” with illustrator. I was shown by someone at Cartoon Network the preferred method.
    The good: Your lines look crisp, clean and great
    The bad:
    It’s slow and doesn’t feel like drawing in the slightest.
    email me and I will walk you through it.

  2. Ill develop my vectors in AI and use photoshop to ink. I do this and use a wacom tablet for the hand held feel.

  3. See. It’s the slow thing that loses me. I really don’t have a lot of use for technology that does not make me faster. I mean, you don’t tell the Bionic Man, “this new leg is going to look great and be really easy to animate in the cartoon but from now on you can only walk really, really slow”.

    But, still, I’ll take you up on the walk through whenever I get some time to play with it.

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