Ham Radio 50 friends and well wishers

Soulhaits De La Saison, as they say in Canada. Or at the very least, they said it on a Canadian Christmas card I once saw somewhere.

My favorite Canuck, Keith McNally, asked me to introduce a song for his 50th episode of his most excellent podcast, Ham Radio. I picked “For Reverend Green” by Animal Collective and I talked about it some too.

‘Ho Boy, do I really sound like that?

Click away, well wishers.

Rashy Rabbit 3

What’s the good word, blogophiles?

Welp, it’s official. I’m completely out of Rashy Rabbit #3. What? You never got Rashy Rabbit #3? For shame, because I’m never gonna reprint it again. Sorry, it’s called tough love. No matter how much you beg, no matter how much you plead, no more Rashy #3’s.
It’s not all that bad, though gang. Rick Bradford over at Poopsheet still has plenty of my funnies
available. Give him a shout and tell him that I sent you. He’ll give you tons of free stuff if you do that. Well, maybe not. He’s a very nice guy, though.

Lesse, what can I say about Rashy Rabbit #3? Well, for one- It’s called
Rashy Rabbit #3 instead of it’s actual title, Anxiety, Sleep Problems
and Depression #3.  Why the name change you ask? Simple, no one EVER
remembered that tile. That includes the three chums who actually like
my comics too, y’know! So, in all actuality, it’s Rashy Rabbit #1,but
there is some continuity between all the books. Confused yet? I
need a breather!

What else? Oh yeah-
there was a really big gap in time between the first 11 pages and the
rest of the book. I put the book down for about a year did some
compilation stories, professional work, moved and then returned. I
guess that’s why the art really seems very uneven to me.

Well, for better or for worse, here’s the complete issue posted on
I sure hope it doesn’t bum you out too bad.

PS. The lap dance part really happened, although no violence erupted. I
ofter wish it did end that way to explain my tears..
Boo hoo hoo!