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Amazing Forays Presents Seth Troxler

Here’s a new poster I did for my pal Balz:

I don’t have a whole lot to say about it. I don’t know Seth Troxler or his music, but he seems to have a good sense of humor. That’s cool.

Keith And the Girl

Keith And The Girl Cruise

Welp, we just arrived at our gloomy home in Atlanta about 2 hours ago from our cruise and I already feel suicidal.

For those of you who don’t know,we went on a “Keith And The Girl” cruise. I mean, the whole cruise wasn’t Keith And The Girl related but they were there. For those who don’t know who Keith And the Girl are, then what are you doing here? Go listen right NOW!

The Wifey and I hadda blast on the cruise despite the lack of photographic evidence. Looks like we didn’t need to, anyway. All of you got more than enough for my perusal.

Speaking of pictures, sheesh- I know the camera adds 20 pounds but next to my new buddy McNally I look down right like a beast! Time to shove a finger down the ol’ wind pipe again.

Say, why didn’t anyone tell me about the pills in Mexico?

Instead of drugstore shopping me and my dumb ol’ wife went on an excursion and took in some”culture” in the way of Mayan ruins. I know, right? what the fuck, dudes?
I could really use a little something to ease the pain.

Did anyone else get sick? I don’t mean puke sick or booze sick,but,like,a cold sick? We both cough a cold. I guess it coulda been from all the kids sneezing under the sneeze guard on the buffet.
Little shits…

I really can’t help but to wonder how many Keith And The Girl babies we will see 9 months from now. That cougar kickin’ it with one of our own prolly has an egg or two left in her. Uh oh-

It was sickening great to meet all of you. I liked no-loved you all.

(Photos by Newsy)

I did manage to find time to draw a coupla Keith’s.

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Brad N’ Josh 3

Welp, that’s it for now, fellas.

No more Brad N’ Josh’s.


That is to say, of course if Brad doesn’t have scans of the missing strips…


I remember that one of these ‘Friendship Of The Ring’ strip was printed twice in a row. That’s a pretty big bummer when a strip is monthly. It goes to show how little anyone at Insite magazine cared about our groundbreaking comic.

Oh well. I always knew I could post them all at once on a blog six years later.

Check it out! That last panel had Brad McGinty’s first drawing of Archie ever!

One more for the road.

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Brad N’ Josh 2

Because YOU demanded it-

More Brad N’ Josh strips!

Don’t be fooled by the lack of glasses and the long hair-Josh is really me, your pal Josh.

Brad and I couldn’t both have glasses in the strip. Who heard of two characters with glasses in one comic?

As for the hair…

Brad N' Josh comics

Brad N’ Josh

Let’s travel back to the year 2001, shall we?

A Young Brad McGinty and a slightly older Josh Latta were doing a comic that could have changed the world, but the strip was cut tragically too soon thanks to 9/11.

Even thought it was really 2002.

Brad and his ol’ pal me did a comic called “Brad N’ Josh”. It was an improvised jam strip (Is there any other kind?) with no planing what so ever, we’d just start in the first panel and move the way down the page. Brad would draw himself and write his own dialog and I would draw myself and write my dialog- or whatever struck my fancy at the moment.

“Brad N’ Josh” appeared monthly for a completely useless, ugly and crappy free tabloid called Insite. The owner of Insite hated “Brad N’ Josh” (as well as all comics and cartoons in general) The editor hated it, heck- most of our collective friends said they simply “Just didn’t get it.”

Despite the primitive art and wordiness, especially on my end, I’m still quite proud of these strips.

My only regret is that we didn’t get our terrorist strip out Pre 9/11. The laughter could have stopped the catastrophe from taking place.

You know what to do!

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Anxiety, Sleep Problems And Depression

Wow, I’m really diggin’ up the old chestnuts here!
What we have here are a few choice pages of Anxiety Sleep Problems & Depression. This is your hero Rashy Rabbit’s very first appearance. I think that the first panel was actually the first drawing of Rashy, ever. Huh,how about that.

Embarrassing as it may be, I must confess, this comic is actually autobiographical. It’s the most painfully real comic I’ve ever done, still to this date. I wrote the script (which, by the way, I don’t recommend, writing scripts for comics is always a bad idea) and it was a few years after this sad event took place to the time I drew this comic. Y’see, l had another relationship go sour and blah blah blah…

No, “Penny” and I never spoke again after that fateful fourth date.

Here’s an amusing fact about the real “Penny.”

Welp, she died last year in a drunken car wreck. I wasn’t at the least bit surprised to hear that’s the way she headed to the great hereafter.

God bless her slutty soul.

Click on the thumbnails for the full NSFW glory.

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The Shaved Iceman Cometh

Here’s another oldie but goody. Well, it’s older. I present to you, dear sweet reader, The Shaved Iceman Cometh:

Yes sir, that was a load of laffs! Wait, you didn’t laugh? Join the club! This comic went over with a thud. I was actually experimented a bit, y’see this comic was 100% improvised with just a general idea for a theme. The Theme was “food”. Betcha couldn’t tell! This “piece” was done for Wide Awake Press for Free Comic Book Day 2007. You can still download “Eats” here and yes, it’s still free.


Frankenstein’s Girlfriend

In the interest of blogging more on the new and improved Lattaland site- Quantity over quality I always say!

I post the following:

“Frankenstein’s Girlfriend”

This comic proves once and for all that I am a small and petty man. I don’t wanna embarrass my wife and/or myself so I won’t go into the impetus for this particular comic but I will say is R. Wolfman is a spoof on a local Atlanta artist R.Land. No, I never put a booger on one of his paintings in fact, I’ve never met the guy. I got no beef with him at all. I kinda like his work.

Anyway pals, this comic appeared a while ago (3 years ago, to be exact) in Wide Awake 666 which, I do believe, is still available here.

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Rashy Rabbit on The Comic Book Haters VIDEOCAST

Dear Diary,

How are you? I am fine.

Actually, I’m more than just fine. I ‘m doing great. For you see, The Comic Book Haters didn’t hate Rashy Rabbit 4! In fact, they LOVED your pal Rashy and your other pal ME!
Anyway, check ya soon-

CBH Indie Video Spotlight #1: Rashy Rabbit #4 from The Comic Book Haters on Vimeo.


comics Rashy Rabbit

A new review for an old comic

(click on image to read this very nice review)

Well, whadda know?

Rashy Rabbit #3 was in last months’ (May 2008 for those keeping up)Comic Buyer Guide.
It seems as if it was “Indie Comic Of The Month.”

Why didn’t anybody tell me?

Oh, and for the record, Morie is a dog!