Rashy Rabbit 3

What’s the good word, blogophiles?

Welp, it’s official. I’m completely out of Rashy Rabbit #3. What? You never got Rashy Rabbit #3? For shame, because I’m never gonna reprint it again. Sorry, it’s called tough love. No matter how much you beg, no matter how much you plead, no more Rashy #3’s.
It’s not all that bad, though gang. Rick Bradford over at Poopsheet still has plenty of my funnies
available. Give him a shout and tell him that I sent you. He’ll give you tons of free stuff if you do that. Well, maybe not. He’s a very nice guy, though.

Lesse, what can I say about Rashy Rabbit #3? Well, for one- It’s called
Rashy Rabbit #3 instead of it’s actual title, Anxiety, Sleep Problems
and Depression #3.  Why the name change you ask? Simple, no one EVER
remembered that tile. That includes the three chums who actually like
my comics too, y’know! So, in all actuality, it’s Rashy Rabbit #1,but
there is some continuity between all the books. Confused yet? I
need a breather!

What else? Oh yeah-
there was a really big gap in time between the first 11 pages and the
rest of the book. I put the book down for about a year did some
compilation stories, professional work, moved and then returned. I
guess that’s why the art really seems very uneven to me.

Well, for better or for worse, here’s the complete issue posted on
I sure hope it doesn’t bum you out too bad.

PS. The lap dance part really happened, although no violence erupted. I
ofter wish it did end that way to explain my tears..
Boo hoo hoo!

Drink n’ Draw Decatur 2

“The night is darkening round me,
The wild winds coldly blow;
But a tyrant spell has bound me,
And I cannot, cannot go.”

(In order of least to the most cool: Josh Latta, Brad McGinty and Shane Morton.)

Sorry, I always get a little poetic the morning after Atlanta’s ONLY
FREE Drink N’ Draw.

Brad and I sharped our pencils and hitched our horses at the
Mellow Mushroom in Decatur last night for the  legendary event
all the artists are talking about, that is to say, if by “all the artist”, you mean
Brad n’ Josh.

Just kidding.

After drinking my dinner, the fabulous Chinita from the famed
Blast-Off Burlesque took to the stage, by which I mean, bar, and reminded
us what sexy looks like as the poses poured out of
her like sugar into my gas tank.

Wanna see the results?

(click on the sexy sketches to see them LIFE SIZED!)

Special thanks for Buddy and Dave from Mellow Mushroom for making this event possible.

Race Riot Live On A Big Boat

Ours is a troubled world.

Religious intolerance, economic downturns and racial profiling are just a few things one must face on a cruise ship these days.

This illustration was done as a bonus feature on Keith And The Girl’s latest and greatest DVD “Live On A Big Boat.”

A mob ruled when a Keith And the Girl heckler got a little out of hand and met Mr. Fist!

A picture is worth a thousand words, so without further adieu…

(click on the image to make it big n’ stuff.)

Greenville Comic Con 2008. Now it can be told…

Hey gang! I just drove back home from Greenville, South Carolina, and boy are my arms tired.

My comic making life partner, Brad McGinty, and I made the trek to geek out with some of our buds while sitting behind a folding table in a conference room at some hotel somewhere.

(which one is me? I don’t even know!)

Yeah, it was a pretty small show. I blame this on the economy, George W. Bush and the lack of signs out front.

(The big guy and the little one from Dollar Bin.)

My homeboys over at Dollar Bin recorded us pretty much the whole show, so soon true believers, you too, will know how boring and stupid  we really are!

What else? Oh yes! Did I mention that Brad and I pretty much ruined our new friend Vy’s sketchbook?

The concept, if you haven’t already guessed, of Vy’s sketchbook was “dreams”.

Welp, that’s it for now- Thanks for reading. Tune in next time when I share the secrets of how to win 3rd prize in a pumpkin carving contest!

Thanks again for the pictures and scans, Vy!

Oh, and special thanks to J.Chris Campbell and his family for graciously letting us stay with them.

Greenville Comic Con

Any of you suckers gonna be in Greenville, South Carolina sitting behind a folding table this weekend?

I will!

…and you want to know who else?

J. Chris Campbell
Brad McGinty
Duane Ballenger
James “Doodle” Lyle
Bradd Parton
The Dollarbin podcast crew Dealers from all over:
Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find
Dave’s Comics
Darkside Games
Richard’s Comics and Collectibles
Planet Comics
Earl Shaw
Rick Fortenberry
Heroes and Dragons
Dave Shankle
Tower Comics
Comics Wanted
Guy Joyner

Come join the freakout on October 25th from 10 am-4 pm at the Comfort Inn (formerly Days Inn) at 2756 Laurens Road. Behind the BMW dealership and the hobo grave yard. Admission to the show will be $5 or $4 with a can of food to benefit the Miracle Hill Boys Home.

Get a free issue of Rashy Rabbit with a jar of Kraft Jet Puff Creme.

Any questions about the show or table availability:info@greenvillecomiccon.com

See ya there!

Anxiety, Sleep Problems and Depression 2

Do you remember 2005? That’s when I magically turned into a marmot and traveled back in time. However, I will always remember it as the year that I drew my second issue of Anxiety, Sleep Problems and Depression.

I had to play catch-up to my fellow Cute Girl Demographic partners, Jennifer and Brad. Those two are machines, and were cranking comics out left and right, while I was still riding the on the glory that was known as my first Anxiety, Sleep Problems and Depression.

The funny thing is, dear reader, I actually never had any attentions on using Rashy Rabbit again.  After all, if I had longevity in mind, I probably wouldn’t have named him “Rashy”.

Allow me to be frank here, this comic was a failure. It’s without a doubt, the worst in the series. I don’t think I had a clear vision of the story – and it shows.

It’s out of print, and like all Cute Girl Demographic comics, it will never be printed again.

It’s your life though, and I won’t stop you from reading it for free right f’in here.

In other words, I got a new flickr account.

Ration Rabbit

You really never know what your audience is gonna react to and what they won’t.

I printed this as a back up in Anxiety Sleep Problems and Depression #2 and it seemed to go pretty much unnoticed.

Basically, this comic’s text was taken word for word from one of the many letters my Grandfather wrote to my Grandmother back home during WWII. Somehow,my Grandmother was oblivious to the kind of combat that Grandpa was seeing overseas. This was proven by him thanking her for the curtains(!?) she sent to him before storming Normandy.

At least she had the good sense to keep all the letters.

What else can I say? Oh yeah, the comic was beautifully inked by my pal Brad McGinty and all the details were  carefully researched from the pages of Sgt.Rock.

Joy of Hack 2

Chocolate and peanut butter.

Flowers and bees.

Chess and hip-hop.

Some things were made to be together.

The directive for this one: make a King and a Rook look like rappers. Not unlike Tupac, this rapper was shot down for being too edgy.

Hmm, How do you make  a rapper more family friendly? Why going back in time when rappers rapped about having a good time and nothing else, that’s what you do!

I went for a vintage, I mean “old school”, look.  Of course the powers that be ( I mean, the “man”) shot this down on the grounds that kids won’t “get” the reference to the 80’s. Personally, I disagree. That’s like saying I wouldn’t have recognized a hippie as a child, because that, too, was 20 years before my time.  Jeez, I’m old.

Speaking of being old and out of touch, I was instructed to give them modern rap duds. Oh, and I was told not to make the pants too baggy, after all schools are having a problem with that.

So there you go. Rapping chess pieces.