Super Secret Preview for Rashy Rabbit 5!

Shhh, Don’t tell anyone!

Showing you, my wonderful reader, my pencils makes me feel like I’m standing there in your room in my underwear.

Some eagle eyed viewers may have noticed that there isn’t any text.  Well, that’s because the dialogue is a super, super secret and I cannot even show you, my favorite reader. It’s such a secret that I haven’t written a word of it yet.

Free Drink n’ Draw Decatur

Two posts in one day? Yowsa! I’m on fire!

Last night my main man Brad and I went to Atlanta’s first free Drink & Draw at the Mellow Mushroom in Decatur. No, the drinking part wasn’t free, but the drawing part sure was.

The model, Sadie Hawkins from the famed Blast Off Burlesque, was terrific. Usually at these things, the models like to keeps their limbs close to their bodies  which makes for a dull composition. Sadie understood that tension in body and contrast in limbs make for a good pose and all o’that.

Apparently there was trivia with prizes too, but I couldn’t really understand much of anything that was being said. Ah well.

One little complaint though, the lighting wasn’t very good in the Mellow Mushroom so a lotta the black in Sadie’s clothes kinda melded together and I couldn’t really see well enough to- Blah blah blee, excuses excuses etc.

I always approach figure drawing with a tiny bit of dread. I mean, I like looking at hot babes being all hot n’stuff, but man, drawing them is humbling.

Great times were had, though, I assure you of that!

So, here they are. Click on my humble drawings.

Kudos to Buddy and Dave from Mellow Mushroom for making drinking and drawing scantily clad women possible in a pizza place without being arrested!

Character Designs For Flash

Hello, imaginary audience! It’s been a while, has it not?

I’m sorry that I’ve kinda fallen off with this blogging nonsense lately. it’s not that I haven’t had anything going on. Well, maybe it is, I dunno. Who can tell?

Anyway, I got some stuff coming through the turnpike that I will soon post. I’ve been busy with a new Rashy Rabbit comic and all sorts of dull freelance work that you, my imaginary reader, wouldn’t care to shake a stick at or anything.

Speaking of Freelance (but not of the dull variety), I’ve been doing some flash animation for a client that I have to assume would prefer to go unnamed and not be associated with this blog. In other words, don’t expect me to post the animation, no sir, but I don’t see a problem with posting some of the art and character designs here.

This dude is a chess “knight” themed superhero. Obviously, he’s not suppose to be a serious superhero fighting crime or anything.  My guess is he’ll, uh, fly around and teach chess n’things.

His working name was “Dark Knight” but I think the higher-ups in the company musta had cold feet or something. Now he’s called, eh- I don’t know…something.

The lines look pretty flimsy, but that’s flash for you. Speed is the name of the game,for this client so I choose to use the pencil tool and just go for it.

Honestly, I’ll post more coming up here – unless, of course, I get hit by a bus or something.

Later gator!

Wide Awake Press Interview on Indie Spinner Rack

Oh boy, Heroes Con what a lotta fun!

I’m still sittin’ around thinkin’ about it two months later, aren’t you?

We sat down with Indie Spinner Rack for a fast paced interview. Check out the zaniness with J Chris Campbell, Duane Ballenger, my main man, Brad McGinty and me, Josh Latta on-line at it’s about 58 minutes into episode #137 for those that are impatient.

Keith And The Girl Cruise

Welp, we just arrived at our gloomy home in Atlanta about 2 hours ago from our cruise and I already feel suicidal.

For those of you who don’t know,we went on a “Keith And The Girl” cruise. I mean, the whole cruise wasn’t Keith And The Girl related but they were there. For those who don’t know who Keith And the Girl are, then what are you doing here? Go listen right NOW!

The Wifey and I hadda blast on the cruise despite the lack of photographic evidence. Looks like we didn’t need to, anyway. All of you got more than enough for my perusal.

Speaking of pictures, sheesh- I know the camera adds 20 pounds but next to my new buddy McNally I look down right like a beast! Time to shove a finger down the ol’ wind pipe again.

Say, why didn’t anyone tell me about the pills in Mexico?

Instead of drugstore shopping me and my dumb ol’ wife went on an excursion and took in some”culture” in the way of Mayan ruins. I know, right? what the fuck, dudes?
I could really use a little something to ease the pain.

Did anyone else get sick? I don’t mean puke sick or booze sick,but,like,a cold sick? We both cough a cold. I guess it coulda been from all the kids sneezing under the sneeze guard on the buffet.
Little shits…

I really can’t help but to wonder how many Keith And The Girl babies we will see 9 months from now. That cougar kickin’ it with one of our own prolly has an egg or two left in her. Uh oh-

It was sickening great to meet all of you. I liked no-loved you all.

(Photos by Newsy)

I did manage to find time to draw a coupla Keith’s.

Brad N’ Josh 3

Welp, that’s it for now, fellas.

No more Brad N’ Josh’s.


That is to say, of course if Brad doesn’t have scans of the missing strips…


I remember that one of these ‘Friendship Of The Ring’ strip was printed twice in a row. That’s a pretty big bummer when a strip is monthly. It goes to show how little anyone at Insite magazine cared about our groundbreaking comic.

Oh well. I always knew I could post them all at once on a blog six years later.

Check it out! That last panel had Brad McGinty’s first drawing of Archie ever!

One more for the road.