A New Low For Rashy Rabbit

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Rashy Rabbit’s new low (a comic preview)

Behold then rejoice! Here’s a sneak preview of my upcoming epoch, or is it epic? Either way, it’s not! Look for Rashy Rabbit’s new low in Anxiety Sleep Problems and Depression #3 coming real soon(I hope.)

BJM Vs Dandies Poster

Well I’ll be a sea-squirt’s uncle! It’s my very own blog. Better three years behind the times than never, dudes!

Even thought I’m a Johnny-come-lately to this blog nonsense, this isn’t an entirely new bag for me. Y’see, I ‘ve been spreading crap on myspace for what, two years now? Wow, has it really been that long? Sheesh- so many hours wasted. Good thing I’ve been thinking it’s high time for me to start spending even more time in front of the computer and even less time on my work. So, here you go. I’m not working. Doodie-doo-doo.

Okay friends, for my very first post, I thought I ‘d share a poster I ‘d done for a soon-to-be legendary show that’s ah-happening tonight in Portland, Oregon at The Crystal Ballroom. I wish I could magically fly there and see the action unfold. Stupid responsibilities and even stupider lack of magical powers.

Like, uh, yeah- so here’s the poster I ‘d done for my all-time favorite rock and roll freakout-good time band, The Brian Jonestown Massacre. I had the good fortune to work pretty closely with them on a few different poster ideas and this was the only one that materialized. Unfortunately,(and you can’t have it all, right?) I think The Dandy Warhols are none too pleased with being portrayed at odds with one another on the poster.
Ah well, What can you do?
Hey! Lighten up, Dandies! It’s all in good fun! Eveyone knows you are really friends in real life, Dig sucks, etc, etc… It was all done in the name of love, baby!
If any of you are at this show tonight, tear this sucker down off the walls and keep it! Yeah, keep it! Oh better yet- buy it…Yeah, that’s what you should do…Um, and hug someone too.