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Utz “R” We pt. 3

Utz Snacks™   may have blocked me from posting on their timeline, but they can’t stop me from sharing my salty goodness to all y’all here, in LattalandⓇ.

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Utz ‘R’ We part 2

That’s right, suckers. Lattaland has ALL the boxes of Utz! That’s right. And no one’s getting a single chip more until everybody loves Josh and ‘likes’ the Lattaland page. We tried being nice, now it’s Evil Genius time, you jerks!

Utz “R” We

Like it or not, most often not, I gotta work for a stupid living.  Defacing product is the only thing that keeps my mouth off the business end of a shotgun.  Enjoy this glimpse of my soul.

The Tipsy Docent

Coming January 31st to the Windup Space: The Tipsy Docent. What’s the Tipsy Docent? Glad you asked. It’s a drunken history lecture on Parasitology, Mourning Jewelry, Artic Exploration, Holography, Conspiracy Theories, Baltimore/War of 1812, 3D Printing (designer for Makerbot), Taxonomy, History of DC Hardcore, and other thrilling topics, or any kind of topics on Erin Death’s plate.

Won’t you join us?

The Tipsy Docet

“Bal-tee-more” Or Less

“Bal-tee-more? Where’s that?” –Tony Montana, SCARFACE

My pals  Tom Warner and Scott Huffines document their obsessive fascination with their beloved hometown on Baltimoreorless.com. Lifelong denizens of “The Land of Pleasant Living,” they feel obligated to preserve oddball minutiae about “Charm City” that they and few others care to remember.

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Oh, and coming soon to Novelty Haus: Buttons of the Scarface image above. You heard it here first!

Atomic Books Is The Greatest Store On Earth

Goddamnit, I love Baltimore. Oh, sure, I am southern by the grace of the devil, but man, my new home is treating me well. For one, this city has some of the greatest iconography I have ever seen. The state flag, the orioles cartoony bird head, the Utz broad and that Natty Boh dude. This is a town that can get behind some great art. It’s no wonder that we house the greatest store in the world, Atomic Books. If ever there was a place created to extract my money, this would be it. I walk around in there and think, “I am pretty much into every single product in here.” I don’t get that helpless feeling walking around my local ding and dent shop, I assure you, my fine readers that much. I can also assure you that my credit card is really taking some dings and dents from Atomic Books too. Enough about me, though. Let’s talk things. Things that I bought.  Ah, jeez. I couldn’t stop for even a second!

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