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Heroes Con Leftovers

Here’s all the pics taken and stolen that weren’t quite good enough for my Heroes Con wrap-up. Lick it up, suckers.

The File Under Other 2011 SPX report.

“Years of retail experience have taught me that there are two types of customers.  Shoppers and buyers.  Shoppers are just there for the experience.  They might buy something.  Buyers are there to buy and the only thing standing in the way of them giving you their money is you.  You have to have something that fits into their idea of what they want to buy.” -Shannon Smith

Shannon Smith wrote about SPX so I don’t have to.

Read about it HERE.

Fluke 2011: A Fluking Good Time

I go to Fluke every year, and this was one of them… The end. Just kidding.  I shouldn’t rib you this much before your morning Zero Bar.

Is this communist Russia? Nope, it’s Fluke!

Oh man, I love Fluke.  It’s really my favorite comic show of the year. Why you ask? That’s a pretty pushy question, but okay, it’s because it’s all about the comics, that’s right, comics. Y’see most cons have gone the way of courting Zombie no. 2 from Walking Dead and the old dude that played Mike TeeVee in the original Willy Wonka vehicle to darken their hotel lobbies, but Fluke maintained it’s mission after all these years. (10 at press time -ed.) There is no hierarchy at Fluke, the tables are first come, first serve basis. Whether you are a fresh-faced SCAD student with your first mini, or a grizzled pro,  you get the same Fluke treatment.  Which is, by all accounts, good. Kudos to my buddies Robert Newsome and Patrick Dean for going above and beyond the call of comic duty and organizing this truly unique funnybook expo.

Adam from the Dollar Bin interview Robert and Patrick in that order.

You can find me by searching for Moz’s angsty visage.

Not to sound like I am bragging, or anything, but I gotta admit, I did pretty well at this Fluke, sales-wise and all that. Like I said, though, i am not bragging.  The money has already been blown on snack cakes and temporary tattoos.

Shannon Smith and Josh Latta: I can’t stop counting my money.

Henry Eudy and Josh Latta

People seemed pretty stoked about the latest, and greatest Rashy Rabbit adventure, ‘Droppin’ Anchor.’  I heard lots of nice things about the book and the art inside the book. Thanks everyone. I know funny animals are a tough sell, what, with there waning popularity over the last 5 decades, but you guys make all the blood sweat and ink worth it.

Rashy Rabbit 7

I gotta give credit where credit is due, Droppin’ Anchor’s cover was designed by my main man, J. Chris Campbell. I always trust his intuitions. Chris slam dunked it,  he knocked it out of the park and other sport references I don’t quite get.

J.Chris Campbell

This jam piece by J.Chris, Shannon Smith, Andy Runton,  Ashley Holt & Josh was in loving tribute to Brad McGinty. (RIP)

Mr. Big-Shot signing a comic book.

One thing I need to make abundantly clear, however, is that I don’t just go to Fluke to sell comics. I go to Fluke to trade comics too. Nothing warms my little black heart like reading comic books. I especially like mini comics simply because of their wide array of genre and subject matter. You never know what you’re going to get.  I got a lot, believe you, me I got a lotta comics. In fact, I think I might even tell you about some of them. You may wanna freshen up your drink.

The booty from Fluke 2011

Welp, another Fluke has come and gone, and the stack of comics will stay with me forever. Seriously. I can’t get rid of comics.  The only thing missing? YOU. That’s right, you. Make the trip already. Well, not now, Fluke is over, but next year, true believer.


all pictures stolen from Heather, Adam and Delaine.


For more Fluke coverage listen to Dollar Bin’s fluke podcast with a hard-hitting interview with me .


Heroes Con 2010 Report: Nerds Gone Wild

Oh, hello! I didn’t see you there. I guess I was too busy reading comics to notice you coming to this blog. Y’ see, it’s hard for me to do much else but read funnies after getting back from Heroes Con.

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Fanaticon: The morning after

Howdy partner! Hand me a rope. I always feel a little blue after a comic con. Especially when the comic con was as happening as Fanaticon. I can’t even begin to tell you how many things were great about Fanaticon, well, I guess I kinda sorta did, so I will keep on in this manner.

This was the first year for Fanaticon in beautiful Asheville NC and, from where I sat, it appeared to be a rousing success. Unlike other comic shows, this one broke the chains and took place inside a museum, which is much nicer than, oh let’s say a ballroom in a hotel or a convention center. There was a touch of class in the air, despite the deodorant free nerds. I am kidding. Well, not about the class, but this wasn’t your regular-run-of-the-mill nerd gaggle. No sir. Instead there was a good cross section of people of all walks of life (last I heard, attendance was over a thousand.) Men, women (LOTS of women) children, teens, hippies and gutter punks alike meandered around and actually bought stuff. I saw many costumes, which I appreciate, and I certainly miss seeing at the small press shows. Instead, while at SPX’s or APE’s, I just keep looking around and thinking I see myself all over the room. “Hey, there I am! Over there, that’s me” I think. “No, wait, I am sitting right here.”
I digress.

Fanaticon had it’s panels n all that, but another unique touch was the bands rock and/or rolling in the courtyard. We saw some pretty entertaining bands like Falcon Lords and How I Became The Bomb. Also, this gave me an excuse to get out from behind the table and drink some beer.

I think what makes a comic show like this a great equalizer between the rabid fanboys and the curious-some-latelys is the fact the show was free. Yes, free. I always had a hard time with the concept of spending admission to go somewhere to spend lots of money. I know this is the only way for the organizers to make their money at these events, I mean, I guess, but I think I saw the future of comic conventions, and lemme tell ya, I like it.

No question about it, I will be back any and every year that Fanaticon will have me…and even if they won’t, I’ll be back. You better believe I’ll be back.

Shit I got: 2 ‘peek’ Carl Bark’s Donald Duck comics, Ashley Holt’s collection of minis and Brad McGinty’s latest, Fry Cook Chronicles.

*special thanks to J.Chris Campbell for letting me set up with him. Thank you, J.Chris.