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It’s here Man, it’s here!

A Rabbit In King Arthur’s Food Court: A Rashy Rabbit Adventure is NOW AVAILABLE

Rashy Rabbit no.6 is brought to you by Wide Awake Press.

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Redskin Rashy

What’s the good word, party people? Read any good comics lately? Of course you haven’t, and that’s because I am sold out of “Redskin Rashy.” You had your chance, dummy. You snooze you lose. Who knows? You may have your chance again, I am going to do a micro print run again for convention season and take it from there. Tough love, baby. Tough love.

“Redskin Rashy” marks a pretty strong shift in tone from the other Rashy books.  Sure, there’s still boobs n’ grass n’ other junk, but this is downright wholesome compared to Rashy Rabbit 4. Which, I gotta admit, seriously bummed my 5 fans out.  I got a surprising amount of feedback that I was headin’ waaay off course. In fact, I still hear from folks that the first Rashy Rabbit comic was the best. Jeez, now I know how The Violent Femmes feel.

Here it is, brought to you in it’s full B&W splendor, Redskin Rashy, the comic that pushed me from existential angst into full-blown farce. There is no turnin’ this van around now.