Fluke 2011: A Fluking Good Time

I go to Fluke every year, and this was one of them… The end. Just kidding.  I shouldn’t rib you this much before your morning Zero Bar. Is this communist Russia? Nope, it’s Fluke! Oh man, I love Fluke.  It’s really my favorite comic show of the year. Why you ask? That’s a pretty pushy question, but …

Coming Soon: Rashy Rabbit In Rabbit On The Half Shell.

Boy, naming a comic sure is hard. Why, it’s much harder than naming a part of your anatomy or a child. You really got to live with it forever. Other titles I have kicked around: ‘Rashy Rabbit in Mutiny On The Booty‘ or just ‘Rashy Rabbit’s Droppin’ Anchor’. What do you think, dear reader(s)?