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Happy D-Day!

The ‘D’ stands for Disney!

Get Ducked

Cartoons are for kids!

Most of these images were stolen from here. 

Vintage Disney Christmas Cards

It’s beginning to look a lot like  Christmas!

Halloweirdo No. 14 Chernabog in Night On Male Pattern Baldness Mountain

Walt Disney’s most terrifying and vain villain usually only appears on Walpurgis Night to raise the wicked dead from their graves for his own entertainment.
But he’s agreed to make a special appearance for Halloweirdos. He’s brought his favorite fiery woman because she is beautiful, loyal, and pocket-sized.
Check out Wide Awake Press every week day for spooktacular images from some of the gruesomest talents to grace the unfunny pages.

The Disney That Never Was: Chanticleer Featuring Marc Davis

Good morning, or evening, or whenever you read this.  I sure am glad you decided to join me as I re-read The Disney That Never Was: The Stories and Art from Five Decades of Unproduced Animation by Charles Solomon. Eh, why stop at re-reading it? I do believe I will scan some of it too, copyright laws be damned.  It’s out of print, anyway.

It’s no secret that Disney pissed away tons of money and resources in the preproduction stages, but it might strike you as odd that he had the foresight to catalog and store all the art to be done on his watch. Say what you will  about the man, but he had some serious foresight.

For some crazy, kooky reason, the Disney studio fully developed an animated move based on the high-brow play that satirized pre-World War I France.

I don’t need to tell you this movie never happened, but looking at this gorgeous Marc Davis art, I kinda wish it did.

The Manly Men of Disney

I assure you, the man on the phone isn’t talking about his feelings.

Oh, Uncle Walt, where did we go wrong? There was a time where men (Yes, ladies, MEN) put on a pressed shirt, slacks and hat to sit down to animate all day.  Those days have sadly passed, and now we have John Lassiter be-boping around in a Hawaiian shirt like he’s at a bloomin’ Luau.  At least Hawaiian shirts have collars, many animators wear superhero t-shirts to work.  T-Shirts. I am glad Walt didn’t live to see that.

As a self-proclaimed nostalgic, I find old pictures of animators in the halcyon days of Hollywood endlessly fascinating.  These manly men doing manly art  all come from my out-of-print masterpiece (thank YOU Goodwill) The Art Of Animation. Sure, the book is more or less just a promotional piece patting their own backs for the just-released Sleeping Beauty, but it gives a rare insight into the Disney studio as it stood in 1958. I hope you enjoy the pics, because  it’s a pain to scan old books.

See the guy who’s singing? That’s Pinto Colvig, Goofy’s voice!

Frank & Ollie seem to be working on an already finished cel.

The legendary ‘Nine Old Men‘ in the sweatbox from left: Ward Kimball, Frank Thomas, John Lounsbery; 2nd row Eric Larson, Marc Davis, Milt Kahl, Woolie Reitherman,

top row; Ollie Johnston and Les Clark.

Cartoonist used to smoke  while drawing. This guy couldn’t be bothered to hide his cigarette for a promotional pic.

A tastefully covered model.

Ward Kimball is my favorite. I cried when he passed.

Sorry, sweetheart. Animation is a man’s job. You can ink and color, though.

The future of animation? It doesn’t look good, Walt. Doesn’t look good.

UP commission

Dig it! Here’s a new commissioned drawing of my beautiful English pals and all-around-lovely couple, Ruth Sneddon and Alex Noodle. Also pictured is their canine companion Kidd.

Apparently, Pixar came out with a movie that has a passing resemblance to this image. I have never heard of it, but it seems to be up for an Oscar.

Remember, like the Beatles, I am for sale. Want me to draw something for you? I’ll do it no matter how stupid the idea. The important thing here, is that you give me money.