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Happy Halloween From Lattaland (ghost post)

When we were kids, Halloween meant something!

For most kids, it meant dressing up like their favorite superhero, or space alien, or hobo. And candy! For me, it meant panic attacks, stress-induced bloody noses, and crying jags. And fuckin’ candy! I was a fat kid, which explains the costume drama and the love of candy.

Now, the love for candy was directly proportional to my hatred for dressing up. It was full blown bullshit and ugliness, hot and wet cheeked hyperventilating conniption fits. I didn’t like it, I didn’t get a kick out of it, I barely tolerated it.

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The Real Nitty Gritty The Radio Show

Hey, Lattateers in Oberlin Ohio! You guys listening to Tania Boster and Shouting Thomas Torment‘s rock n’ roll radio show every Tuesday night at 10? You should. These too cool-for school ghouls spin  tunes for graverobbin’ hepcats such as yourselves on WOBC 91.5.

Not in Oberlin, you say? Hit up my good fiends on facebook for the downloadable version like I do.  Remember, rock n’ roll isn’t dead,  just the best rock n’ rollers are.

Halloween Hootenanny: 9Sense Style

Face front, ghoul believers! Erin’s got Halloween in the treat bag with her latest spook-themed ‘Down to the Crossroads’ segment on Adam Campbell’s  bedeviled show, 9sense.

Man, those old blues musicians sure loved the hell out of the black arts.  They just couldn’t get enough  ghosts n’ shit. Don’t take my poorly written word for it, though, take it from my favorite witchy woman, on this, such a hexcellent day.

Now, sit back and relax with your favorite spirits and a bowl of candy corn, then give ‘Down to the Crossword’ a spin before it’s too late, mortals.  Mwaahahahah!


Cartoon & Candy Halloween Hootenanny: Porky Pig in Scaredy Cat

Suicide attempts. Hooded executions. Killer mice. This Chuck Jones cartoon from 1948 featuring a rare pairing of Porky and Sylvester has got it all.

‘Scaredy Cat’ is probably the most horrific of the Looney Tunes cannon, so it’s no wonder that the Moms of the world as well as the suits have made short work of it’s original form and it’s been airing censored for eons.  Way to spoil the fun, jerks. Any kid that offs himself because of a cartoon cat deserves to be taken out of this mortal coil.

At any rate, here it is in it’s uncut form thanks to the brave men and women of Romania as well as my pal Chad Kesegi for finding this lil’ gem for me.


Vezi mai multe din Desene animate pe 220.ro

Halloweirdos Presents: Boardwalk Empire

Ah, prohibition-era Atlantic City… a place where women were women and men were monsters.
Richard Harrow is the tragically disfigured war veteran and desperately loyal friend to Boardwalk Empire’s prodigal son Jimmy. He’s a cold-blooded killer for hire, but that tin-mask that hides his mangled face does little to hide the poor soul just desperate for acceptance. He believes himself to be a monster, but we know better, don’t we? Behind the mask of every monster lays a tortured man. Or is it the other way around? Well, either way… if Richard shows up on your doorstep and rings the doorbell, I’d think twice before answering it, he’s probably not trick-or-treating. You can find lots of treats in the land of Latta.

Cartoon & Candy Halloween Hootenanny: Mickey Mouse The Haunted House

Hahahaha! Greetings boils and ghouls! It’s the most wonderfully godless and depraved time of the year! You know what that means, it’s time to curl up with a infernal black cat and a bowl of unsanctified candy corn, because it’s time for 2012’s clump of creepy cartoons brought to you by your favorite scoundrels in Lattaland.

The first cartoon on the chopping block is  from the carefree year of 1929 and is our shuttersome hero Mickey Mouse’s 14th outing. I’d sell my soul to  the dark one to animate like Ub Iwerks. You hear me, Satan?

Happy Halloween From Lattaland!

It’s Halloween everybody! Break out your VHS copy of ‘King Ralph’ and cut loose, but,  like, don’t go all  bonkers mckooky.

Everyone wants to have a safe and happy Halloween for themselves and their children. Using safety tips and some good horse sense can help you make the most of your Halloween season.

Most people think of Halloween as a time for fun and treats. However, roughly four times as many children aged 5-14 are chopped up by psychopaths & buried  in crawlspaces.

The excitement of children and adults at this time of year can sometimes make them not as careful as they would normally be. Simple common sense ideas can  stop tragedies from happening like dressing up as Snooki, Mr. Star Wars or going to a party in blackface.

To make Halloween an enjoyable and safe evening, allow me to offer the following tip: Don’t stick candy corn up your butt.

From our family at Lattaland to yours, Have a happy Halloween, Creep-os!

Cartoon & Candy Halloween Hootenanny: Skeleton Dance

Like, what’s up, Boils and Ghouls? I guess it goes without saying you can’t have a Cartoon & Candy Halloween Hootenanny without this unnerving gem.

‘Drawn’ by Ub Iwerks,the true creator of Mickey Mouse in 1929, no motherfuggin’ cartoon has ever come close to matching this level of creepiness.  Turn down the lights grab yourself a spooky snack then feast your beady little eyes on Skeleton Dance!

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