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The Devil And Mrs. Latta: The Interview


Listen to a hard-hitting interview with Erin and me waxing on about SATAN SATAN SATAN!

But seriously, folks. This was a funny show. We had a good time.

The Devil You Know Podcast added a new video.

The Busy Creator Podcast, episode 5 with Cartoonist & Illustrator Josh Latta


Wanna  hear me talk about tracing paper? I said, DO YOU WANNA HEAR ME TALK ABOUT TRACING PAPER? Of course you do, silly billy.

Well, then, smart guy, check out this ever so delightful interview  by Scott Perez Fox with yours truly on The Busy Creator Podcast. 

Take it away Scott:

 Prescott speaks to Cartoonist & Illustrator Josh Latta, on how he got started in art, his daily workflow and routine, and making a name for himself on the Internet. We also dissect the difference between a cartoonist and an illustrator, and question the use of hand-drawn vs. typeset lettering in comics.

Sounds dope!

CLICK HERE FOR The Busy Creator Podcast, episode 5 with Cartoonist & Illustrator Josh Latta

Josh Latta: Social Media Queen

5a59f8106e1411e2b20722000a1f97fa_7My pal and incredible cartoonist, Hunter Jin Clark asked me a few questions a while back about the importance of having an internet presence to build/promote a career in comics. While I’m a professional floor mopper slash glory hole attendant I thought I’d take a stab at his questions anyway. Here’s the interview in full, dig it, suckers.

1. What is your primary format for comics? I.e. Mainstream, Small Press, Creator Owned, Webcomics, etc.?

I would consider what I do as creator owned, sure, but mostly I would say is I do a ‘funny animal’ comic.

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The Devil in Mr.Latta: An Interview

Hello, fiends! Welcome back to the most unhallowed place on the web, Lattaland! While you’re here in the hoary netherworld of my website, won’t you listen to this diabolical, and quite frankly satanic interview with me on 9sense?  It’s a pretty great  and scandalous conversation, if I do say so myself.  Forward to the 50 minute mark, to get to the interview, like,  if you are in a hurry to get to a fire or something.

Happy listening, cloven foot one!


Robert Crumb Interview In Stop Smiling Magazine No. 38 2009

Ever wonder what R. Crumb’s take on AIDS was? Me either, but it’s pretty darn interesting.

This is one of the best interviews of Crumb I ever read, and it’s from the sadly-defunct Stop Smiling Magazine. I never heard of it, but I have been pouring through Erin’s collection lately.  What fun we have! Thanks, Erin. xoxo

Everyday Is Like Sunday : Morrissey interview from Index Magazine Feb. 2004



Enjoy  this candid interview and rather handsome photos of the greatest singer in the world, Morrissey.

Rare John Kricfalusi interview in Ren & Stimpy Exposed Magazine

Where where you in 92? If you were anything like me, you were sitting around thinking about Kurt Cobain’s farts and watching quite possibly the best cartoon ever made for television, Ren & Stimpy.  Of course I was already freshman in  high school by the time this show came around, but it still had a profound influence on me, my sense of humor and my quote unquote art.

I gotta admit, this interview isn’t really all that in depth,  informative, or even rare, but it does have a few nuggets.  John K does discuss his disdain from working from a script, his understanding of classic cartoons and his insistence on keeping all the drawing, voice acting  sound effects and music in house.  Obviously, this is what made this show tighter than John K’s face lift.  Read nicely, children.

Matt Groening interview in HONK magazine

Well, it seems like y’all really liked the Bill Watterson interview. In the spirit of bringing you more about people vastly more talented than myself, I bring you an interview with Matt Groening from 1986, a year before he created  The Simpsons. I know, I know. Matt Groening interviews are a dime a dozen, but it is pretty interesting to read about Matt only one year before he hit pay dirt.  This is a lengthy and informative interview, so pour yourself some coffee and dig in.

Ultra Rare Bill Watterson interview from HONK magazine!

No,  this is not a dream, then is not a hoax, this is an actual-honest-to-God interview with the JD Salinger of the funny pages, Bill Watterson. Before Calvin & Hobbes creator swore off interviews for good, he gave a lengthy and informative interview for Honk Magazine. By all means, give it a read. It’s one of the very very few interviews with this genius out there. Okay, without further ado, here’s Bill Watterson’s 1986 interview…