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Bibliodiscoteque Episode 30 Josh Latta’s Rashy Rabbit

Several months ago, Erik Carlson  reviewed Josh Latta’s comic Rashy Rabbit and had this to say…

Rashy Rabbit is a weed smokin’, rump humpin’, raunchy rabbit who proves how a work can showcase its influences without getting mired in mimicry. Latta creates a book which, upon first inspection, looks like an old Scholastic reader: The anthropomorphic character on the cover, the high-gloss cardboard stock, and the color scheme all seem like a comic I read in the fourth grade…except written by John Waters or R. Crumb. The interior panels showcase the same integrity and detail as Sergio Aragones’ Groo and the content is laugh out loud funny. Both stories in this volume have a sense of charm that make it easy to forgive Rashy for causing so much crap.

This month, Bibliodiscoteque gave Rashy a soundtrack and I am absolutely jolly-jack  thrilled with the result.

Give it a listen, won’t you?