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Rare John Kricfalusi interview in Ren & Stimpy Exposed Magazine

Where where you in 92? If you were anything like me, you were sitting around thinking about Kurt Cobain’s farts and watching quite possibly the best cartoon ever made for television, Ren & Stimpy.  Of course I was already freshman in  high school by the time this show came around, but it still had a profound influence on me, my sense of humor and my quote unquote art.

I gotta admit, this interview isn’t really all that in depth,  informative, or even rare, but it does have a few nuggets.  John K does discuss his disdain from working from a script, his understanding of classic cartoons and his insistence on keeping all the drawing, voice acting  sound effects and music in house.  Obviously, this is what made this show tighter than John K’s face lift.  Read nicely, children.