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Sketch-A-Long-A-Ding-Dong Part 4

I sure draw Erin a lot. This is merely a drop in the bucket.

Who Let The Nerds Out? Heroes Con 2011 In Review

Hiya, folks. I just got back from Heroes Con and, boy, are my guts tired. No doubt from being puked out so much. Welcome to another Heroes Con wrap-up extravaganza brought to you by Bud Light and a lifetime of resentment.

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ANOTHER sneak preview of Rashy Rabbit 7

So, this is how the magic happens, how the fudge is made, how the, uh,um.  I guess I am all out of analogies now.  Here’s another super-secret sneak preview of the STILL untitled 7th issue of Rashy Rabbit. I am almost done with the thumbnailing process. I guess I have to start writing a script. I am thinking of just blowing these up, printing it as blue line art and inking directly on the bastards.  That’d save me the process of tracing in pencil. I really need to speed this crap up. I got many Rashy tales to tell and not much time. Y’see, I am dying. Not really. Well, one day I will.

Sneak Preview Of The Next Rashy Rabbit

Shhh. Don’t tell anyone. Here is a super secret sneak peek of what’s happening to your pal and mine, Rashy Rabbit in his still-untitled 7th issue.

I am about halfway through the thumbnailing stage  which just means that I have to write the script, blow up the thumbnails, trace the thumbnails in blue non repro pencil, ink  them, scan the pages and then print the comic. *sigh* Why do I bother?

Anyway, I am surprised it’s taken me this long to draw a comics with a character lost at sea.

MORE Rashy designs? YES! More Rashy designs

I think I’ve fallen out of practice with inking, Aw well, no matter. That’s what these exercises are for!

Welp, that and to have some handy dandy model sheets to keep my characters at least somewhat consistent and not confusing  to my three readers. My numbers dwindled since last post.

Here’s to NOT drawing three eared Rashy’s and other inevitable mistakes in cartooning.