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Utz “R” We pt. 3

Utz Snacks™   may have blocked me from posting on their timeline, but they can’t stop me from sharing my salty goodness to all y’all here, in LattalandⓇ.

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Utz ‘R’ We part 2

That’s right, suckers. Lattaland has ALL the boxes of Utz! That’s right. And no one’s getting a single chip more until everybody loves Josh and ‘likes’ the Lattaland page. We tried being nice, now it’s Evil Genius time, you jerks!

Utz “R” We

Like it or not, most often not, I gotta work for a stupid living.  Defacing product is the only thing that keeps my mouth off the business end of a shotgun.  Enjoy this glimpse of my soul.