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Happy Valentine’s Day From Lattaland

From all of us at Lattaland, to all of you, have a Happy Valentine’s Day, and a St.Patty’s Day, too.

Down to the Crossroads: Love In Vain


Greetings, dark minions!

..and by dark, I mean, dark chocolate.

It’s the most evil, most satanic time of the year, again. Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day! Mwahahaha! cough. wheeze.

At any rate, listen to this special Valentine’s Day edition of  Down to the Crossroads as Erin and Adam finally ask, why DO ghouls fall in love?





How F*cking Romantic: Cartoons About Love- Blue Cat Blues

NUVhLU9ibWd6aDQx_o_tom-and-jerry-103-blue-cat-bluesSay,  the M*A*S*H theme song is right. Suicide IS hilarious. Love, however, is not very funny at all.

Going by the evidence of the abundance of crying towels, depressing alcoholic gag gifts and this incredible 1956 Tom and Jerry short, mid-century America was one seriously bummed out time & place.

I guess this Valentine’s Day is as good a time as any to see Tom get played like a  bassoon by a black-hearted, gold-digging minx.  See ya in the great hereafter, Tom.

Special thanks to animation historian/sad sack Thad Komorowski for the recommendation of Blue Cat Blues.

Valentine’s Day Is Coming.

What do you mean you don’t have your sweetie a Valentine yet? Don’t worry, Freddie Freeloader, Lattaland’s got you covered.

Be my Valentine etc.

When you think of Valentine’s day, think of lattaland.com as the place for all your Valentine’s day needs.

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