The File Under Other 2011 SPX report.

“Years of retail experience have taught me that there are two types of customers.  Shoppers and buyers.  Shoppers are just there for the experience.  They might buy something.  Buyers are there to buy and the only thing standing in the way of them giving you their money is you.  You have to have something that fits into their idea of what they want to buy.” -Shannon Smith

Shannon Smith wrote about SPX so I don’t have to.

Read about it HERE.

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3 thoughts on “The File Under Other 2011 SPX report.

  1. Meghan

    it looks like Shannon hit the nail right on it’s tiny shiny head. If nothing else can be learned from heading to SPX for the first time, and especially if you’re from the south, it’s that SHEETZ nad WAWA will change your life.

    I went to Indianapolis this past week to visit my friend who bought my car last month. He drove in from Maryland, and sure enough, there was a Sheetz bag on the floor. <3

  2. Josh Latta Post author

    I’ll say. I sure miss my precious QT, though.

    SPX is a great show for the indie creator. Unlike, I dunno Heroes, there is a chance you’ll sell books and not go home contemplating giving up comics/suicide.

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