Tonnage of Disneyana Impedimenta: Oswald The Lucky Rabbit Merch (The review)

oswald ears

One thing there has never been much of a shortage of in this topsy-turvy world is Disney crap. Sure, like, you could go to any store anywhere and be guaranteed to find something with Mickey Mouse or the Little Mermaid emblazoned on it. However, for the hard-core collector like myself, you gotta gotta dig deeper for the more esoteric character’s paraphernalia, and digging deep is what I did. In other words, I need to get off the goddamned Disney Store’s emailing list.

oswald ears 2

Oswald Ear Hat 


Let’s talk about Oswald The Lucky Rabbit for a sec, okay? Oswald wasWalt Disney’s very first cartoon star and he lost him due to a bum deal he signed with Universal. Oswald was stolen from Disney’s clutches by the nefarious (and possibly Jewish) Charles Mintz . Famously, Unca Walt went on to create some mouse or something & purportedly bounced back from the double-dealing quite nicely, thank you. Flash forward to 2006. The Disney Empire ™ got their grubby meat-hooks on the rights to the character again and, much to nobody’s surprise, they are cashing in with all sorts of toys, video games and t-shirts featuring the long-dormant hare. These ear caps are probably the best and most clever of the impedimenta out there. I saw ’em and had to have ’em, like, stat. I don’t know what to do with them but put them on my beautiful fiancee and take pictures. But hey, ain’t that something?

oswald mug

Oswald coffee mug

sold out/

I drink enough coffee to travel through time and space, so I’m all about collecting coffee mugs adorned with my favorite characters and only friends. I was pretty stoked to find this Oswald mug in the sale section. I guess a lotta other java-slurpin’ nerds were too, ‘cuz this mug is sold out, son. I love the 3D effect and the off-register printing. I find the art quite lovely as well. The mug itself is heavy and large, but the handle feels fragile and wispy. I break more mugs than I buy,somehow, so I’m already stressed about the handle falling off. *Fun Fact* I once through a full mug o’ joe at my ex-wife and it shattered on the floor. I really miss that mug now.


Oswald The Lucky Rabbit 10 inch bean bag plush

sold out/ 

Whatever you do, don’t call this a ‘beanie baby’. I’m questioning my sexuality as much as it is buying these dolls. Speaking of which, would it KILL Disney to make vinyl versions of all their characters? Man alive. What a crappy world.

*Many, many thanks to Erin for modeling these Oswald wares. Kisses!

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